Russell Cairns

Russell Cairns

K-6 STEAM Coach - making, coding and robotics in schools Digital Disruptor and Dreamer. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. Wonder Squad Ambassador

ICT Leader of the Year
NSW ICT Educators

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My wish is to see schools transform into places of creativity and wonder where both innovation and failure are celebrated as a mindset of growth. I am a change-maker in my educator network, a go-to person for other teachers interested in building the capacity of ICT and Design Thinking capabilities, a believer of an Integrated STEAM approach to support student's understandings of maths, science, and literacy within other curricula/subject areas. ICTENSW is a non-profit professional association supporting teachers in New South Wales, Australia. Each day is an adventure in my journey in gaining STEAM autonomy. I want to continue developing the skills of working with others to build school-wide STEAM capacity and projects, to allow the students more opportunities to use STEAM tools, methods and collaboration to discover and deepen their understandings. I want to allow teachers to refocus what they are already doing towards a student-centred, integrated, and divergent thinking approach. I feel student voice and agency requires the learning to be real-world, authentic, centred around students interests and enriched by the 6 C's. I believe an empowered teacher is the key driver of this process.