Carrie Willis

Carrie Willis

Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Wonder Innovation Squad, Ozobot Certified Educator, Kodable Curriculum Ambassador, Flipgrid Certified Educator, Discovery Education Leadership Council, Seesaw Ambassador, Common Sense Certified Educator

STEAM/Technology Director
Valley Preparatory School

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Carrie Willis is the technology director and STEAM coordinator at Valley Preparatory School, a private school in Redlands, CA, educating students in grades preschool through eight. She was responsible for the design and implementation of her school’s recent STEAM lab addition, which was established in 2016. During her 19-year teaching career, she has developed a love for educational technology and project-based learning. Carrie helps to inspire educators not just on her own campus, but around the world, by sharing her love for coding, robotics, movie production, engineering and design, and all things STEAM and EdTech, through social media, webinars and though presentations at local and national conferences.